PHILIPPINE PURE ENERGY SOLUTIONS, INC. (PPESI) located at 297 Boni Serrano Avenue, Quezon City is a corporation duly registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission. PPESI is a subsidiary of R. HIDALGO HARDWARE (since 1978) and was formed in 2006 to serve the growing market and trend for renewable energy. The company also introduced PURE ENER-G products which are designed and manufactured from innovative technology to give out the most efficient renewable energy source today at the same time bringing in the most affordable solar panels and other solar power components to the Philippines. Our main business involves PV module, PV brackets, PV engineering services, Power inverters, deep cycled batteries, solar street light and our latest product, the SMART HYBRID inverters. PPESI offers sales, design, engineering and installation of PV system. With the specialized technology as the basis and the growing needs as the objective, we are engaged to highlight the specialization and exquisiteness in technology and deliver high quality, high efficiency and high performance systems. In 2012, we've introduced SOLARPINOY ™ solar panels, tailor fitted for our fellow Filipino's solar energy needs. SOLARPINOY ™ not just gives you a high yielding efficiency, but it's made to be affordable too.



With the ever growing market nowadays, we know you have many choices to choose from. But there’s more to it than just brands, make, prices etc....
Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your renewable energy sales and service provider.
It's more than just a brand. It's an identity that proves you're part of the solutions on the environmental crisis we're facing.
We make sure that you get the best on what you pay for.
We don't just sell and install, we engineer.
We design and discuss with clients what best suits their needs.
Part of the proceed from SOLARPINOY ™ sales will be donated (in kind) to provinces without electricity at all. This is our little way of showing gratitude by returning the favor to those who are in need most. This way, we can help our fellow Filipinos get away form darkness. For most of us who are blessed with grid connection, a bulb is just a light... for others, it's HOPE.
Our mother company was established 1978. We've gained the trust and reliability from our clients. 
Putting up a solar power system is not just an over the counter sales. We make sure that it provides you what it was designed for.
We don't just go by the book, we innovate things to suit your needs.